We are first and foremost lovers of wine and stories…

We come from diverse backgrounds including academia, the restaurant industry, and food writing, but what unites us as a team is our love for wines and the stories they tell. We approach our wines almost from an anthropological angle; we want to know not only how it was grown and vinified, but also why that grape?

We want the stories behind the wines, the history of the winemakers, and all the little anecdotes in between.

We have personally visited each and every winery we represent. We have stood in their vineyards, even helped with some of their harvests, tasted from barrels in their cellars, and dined at their tables.

We know our wines intimately; each bottle is like a member of our own family and the wineries like home.


Harper Hornaday, Founder

After graduating with a degree in Comparative Literature, Harper taught high school English for four years and began (and continues) working on a masters in English. Though he developed a great appreciation and respect for teaching, it wasn’t the right calling for him, so he left his position and general path towards higher education; what has remained, though, and always will, is his passion for stories, languages, and culture. All this, combined with a love of travel, delicious food and wine, and great people, led inevitably to this wine (ad)venture. He’s thrilled to share these experiences and wonderful wine with others.


Matthew Lardie,

General Manager

With over a decade of experience in the food & beverage and retail industries, Matt brings a passion for well-crafted products with amazing stories to Vinotopia. When he’s not working with, thinking about, or drinking wine you can find him writing about food and travel for various local and national publications, or just taking a nap to rest up for his next adventure.